How to make an order?
It's super easy, just like ordering your Uber drive. We only need your contacts, location, and preferred shooting time. You can use both our website and app to place an order.
What are your working hours?
Our photographers work from 9:00 AM to 18:00 PM everyday, but if you need a dawn or night shooting you can always book it in advance.
Who photographs my property? Will I get photos of the same quality as on your website?
Our photographers and processing team are experienced and constantly reviewed to assure their quality is second-to-none, for our clients get only the best from Tantify
How long does it take for a photographer to arrive?
Our photographer will arrive within 30 minutes.
How long does shooting for a listing usually take?
Our photographers usually spend between 30-60 minutes on-site, with larger properties and special services taking somewhat longer. To assure prompt and timely service, the property must be open house ready by the time the photographer is scheduled to arrive
When will images be delivered?
Our main concept - breaking records with same-day delivery, so that's what we do. You'll get an email notification within 24h, as soon as images are delivered to your personal account
How many photos do I need?
It is up to the client to decide how many photos they want to put on display. Some prefer a detailed look at the property, whereas others prefer a few images to give a sense of what the property is like. We recommend providing at least 1 photo for each space.
Can I book in advance?
Absolutely! Our app has a booking form - you can leave your contacts, preferred date, time, and location there.
Can I change my order onsite with the photographer?
Yes, it's possible to make changes on site unless it requires additional equipment to fulfill the task.
How do I reschedule or cancel?
You may reschedule or cancel by editing your order in your personal account. But please cancel at least 15 minutes before the photographer arrives for an instant booking and 24h prior for pre-booking orders to avoid a cancelation fee.
What happens if I'm not satisfied with the photos?
It seldom happens, but we're always open to find the best solution for you - either re-shoot or re-edit images that didn't leave you satisfied.
Do you come to the house first to give me a quote?
Given that our photographers are constantly out in the field taking pictures of properties, we do not offer on-site estimates, but we offer a standard set of rates for our services which can be viewed on the order page. If you are unsure what the cost of our services would be or what would work best for your needs, we happily take queries at chat below or at Please include your location, square footage, and listing price of the property so we can give you an accurate estimate and guide you to the right service that matches your needs.
What other services do you provide?
We are a top virtual staging provider in NYC, delivering marketing visuals for the most demanding clients and companies. That includes virtual staging, 3D renders, virtually staged 3D tours, and other promo materials.
How does it work when we are ordering multiple services?
Our goal is for all services to be conducted smoothly. For instance, virtual staging may be conducted while the processing team edits photos of the property so that the images are delivered altogether to your personal account within 24h.
Can I change my order onsite with the photographer?
Yes, it's possible to make changes on site unless it requires additional equipment to fulfill the task.
What if I can't be present at my appointment?
Not a problem! Our photographers are familiar with lockboxes or can use hidden keys/garage codes to access the property by themselves. Please ensure everyone knows when the photographer is arriving, so it won't be a surprise. It is also vital to make sure the property is ready beforehand.
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